Parish Council Members
2013 - 2014

Parish Priest
Fr. Fred Boni

Parish Deacon
Deacon John Ross


(3rd Year)
Georgia Watson


(3rd Year)
Ray Abell


(1st Year)

Nilsa Hall

Vice President

(2nd Year)
Steve Schisler

(2nd Year)

 Tritt Corbitt


(1st Year)
Jean Townsend


(2nd Year)
 Kelly Beavers

(1st Year)

 Harald Rambacher

(1st Year)
Sharon Petrie

Committee Chairpersons

Knights of Columbus
John Blackburn
Harald Rambacher
Women's Club
Tana Reed
John Blackburn


Nancy Blackburn
Youth Ministry
Debbie Songer
Music Ministry
Howard Swain
Sr Youth Group
Georiga Watson
Jr Youth Group
Crystal Kitchens


2008 - 2009

Front Row (L-R)

Nancy Blackburn (PCL), Fr. Paul (Our Priest), Lydia Swain (Sectary), Ginny Phillips (Members), Nilsa Hall (Member)


Back Row (L-R)

John Blackburn (President), Patrick Graboski (Vice President), Tana Reed (Member), David Wheeler (Member), Deacon John Ross (Parish Deacon)


The PURPOSE of St. John's Parish Council is to promote the spiritual growth of our local Catholic Community...our Parish. The Parish Council is tasked to organize, coordinate, evaluate, unify and support activities within the Parish, ensuring the extension of Christ's mission. The Council will present all members of the Parish with the opportunity to participate in the apostolic effort of bringing unity to the mission of the church through encouraging, guiding and directing parish life. The Parish Council and its committees exist to serve you, our parish community. Our goals are clearly defined: Mission & Purpose of the Council

Listen to and evaluate the overall experience and quality of life of the parish community.
Develop and recommend parish pastoral plans and priorities.
Develop and review the parish Mission Statement. Listen to parishioners by means of surveys and the census.
Identify key needs and concerns of the people of the parish.
Delegate specific tasks to the appropriate committees.
To serve as a permanent structure for constructive dialogue between Father and the Parish.
To determine and utilize the abilities of all members of the parish community.

The Council is composed Father and six (6) elected representatives from the parish. The term of office for elected members is three (3) years.

Should you have any concerns or questions about the topics of discussion or general operations of the council, then we want to hear from you. Please feel free to call any member, or call John Blackburn. For phone numbers of Parish Council members, please contact the Parish office.

The Parish Council meets on the third Sunday at 12:30 PM. The meeting agenda for the upcoming council meeting can be found on the parish bulletin board. The minutes of the last meeting can be found can be found on the parish bulletin board. The Parish Council posts a short message in the Weekly Bulletin.

Within the Parish Council there exists several sub-committees that address specific needs in the parish. They are: